Gonzalo Senosiain

Gonzalo Senosiain

CEO Combat MF

Gonzalo Senosiain is an entrepreneur and security professional, engaged in educating and training civilians, law enforcement and public forces, in matters of advice, consulting and training in different fields of security, counts with a career path of more than 20 years in security.


Owner, founder and general director of the security firm of Global Risk Prevention (GRIP), also a member of the Mexican Association of Private Security Enterprises (AMESP) where he oversees the executive protection committee and handling of crisis and disasters. For 10 years he has been part of ASIS International (American Society for Industrial Security) where he has been coordinator and advisor of the executive protection committee.


Is the only Mexican certified by the National Rifle Association as an instructor of Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home Course, he is also a certified instructor of the IFS Intuitive Focus Shooting for the world. He is one of the founding members of IBSSA (International Bodyguard & Security Services Association) in Mexico and creator, together with two specialists, of the Executive Protection Specialist (EPS). Gonzalo is also a founding partner of the Executive Protection Summit that is the most important summit of executive protection In Latin-American.


He is a columnist for the Security in America magazine and was a finalist in the contest of Ernst & Young as the entrepreneur of the year for his novel and important methods to handle the security of the country. At the same time, he is the only Mexican that has participated in the Washington Center during the seminars of national security and counterterrorism as well as in various international seminars as an expositor.


Has developed security plans for artists, politicians, and businessmen in various countries, in turn, has a close relationship with the federal and local authorities in matters of security. He has been responsible for the formation of different securities forces of important and recognized businessmen of the country.


Has been invited to talk about the insecurity problems that the country faces in diverse television and radio programs. He has also worked, hand in hand, with different state and federal agencies in matters of security.