Jared Van Driessche

Jared Van Driessche

EP Specialist

As Director of Global Security for a private corporation, Jared Van Driessche is responsible for strategic leadership and oversight of the company’s security, safety and protective operational planning.

As CEO, Jared leads the innovation and leadership plan of Asgard Technology Group and it’s first app, ProtectionManager.

Over the course of his diverse eighteen-year career, Jared has planned, executed and led close protection details for CEOs, dignitaries, board of directors, celebrities, media, and various public figures on more than 300 international trips to over 80 different countries. He has extensive international exposure, including the provision of close protection and threat assessment to clients in high-risk environments throughout Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

For over three years, Jared worked as the Director of Operations, for one of the nation’s leading executive protection firms and was responsible for strategic leadership and oversight of all full-time embedded operations worldwide overseeing more than 400 protective and intelligence agents which entailed the cultivation, development and quality control of executive protection programs across the globe.

While working with various industry leaders, Jared has ensured the safety, security, and privacy of numerous at-risk public figures and their families — providing them close-protection in all facets of their life to include: organizing scheduled (and non-scheduled) public appearances, motorcades, planning routes, establishing safe zones, maintaining site/venue security and liaising with foreign protective agents to ensure the safe arrival, stay and departure of traveling public figures.

In addition to his operational responsibilities, Jared has consulted large corporations on workplace violence, emergency planning, business vulnerabilities, executive safety, and threat mitigation practices.