The EP Forum is the conversation piece of the private security industry. It will put your brand in front of some of the most reputable names and professionals in the industry.

Founded by Byron Rodgers, Christian West, and Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio. This gathering has the largest digital footprint in our industry and provides a perfect platform for you to increase brand awareness and position your company directly in front of your ideal demographic.

Your brand will enjoy:

Pre-event exposure: through promotions via digital media leading up to the event.

Physical event exposure: through your presence and participation at the event.

Post-event exposure: through continued promotions via digital media long after the event.

Elevate Your Brand to the Pinnacle of Executive Protection

The Apex of Executive Protection Training

In the realm of executive protection, the EP Forum stands unrivaled – a beacon for the brightest minds and the boldest strategies. As the world’s preeminent training event in our industry, we offer your brand an unmatched platform to engage with the power brokers of protection, the architects of security, and the influencers who write the future of executive safety.


This annual event is being promoted heavily across all social media formats, industry press, influencer marketing and podcasts. Sponsors will have their brand and products represented to a global audience before, during, and after the event via paid advertising and organic reach.


The Executive Protection Forum is open to detail and team leaders, project managers, and EPAs. The event’s overall goal is to “make the industry a better, more respectable, more efficient, effective and prosperous place.” With training opportunities, networking, and industry-specific information, the Executive Protection Forum is one of the most exclusive attractions this year. Serving as an auxiliary event to the IPSB Close Protection Conference in Las Vegas, the Executive Protection Forum will host interactive and highly challenging conversations encompassing some of the best-known industry leaders. The EP Forum will assist in helping project managers, EPAs, and other participants make better decisions for their future work.


Align with the EP Forum, and let’s together elevate the standard of executive protection.

Educate. Influence. Inspire.

The EP Forum is not merely a gathering; it is where thought leaders seek the next breakthrough and where discerning experts are eager for your insights. Sponsorship transcends visibility, transforming your brand into a cornerstone of a rich educational tapestry that empowers and enlightens.

A Nexus for Brand Growth

Amidst the pulse of innovation and exchange, the EP Forum positions your brand at the forefront, allowing you to demonstrate value directly to those who appreciate and demand the best. Share your expertise with an exclusive cadre of professionals, and watch as your knowledge shapes the industry.

Cultivate Gratitude, Cement Legacy

Your participation as a sponsor is more than a gesture – it’s a resonant endorsement of excellence, leaving a lasting impression of gratitude in the minds of industry forerunners. The EP Forum is where alliances are forged, and loyalty is fostered in the crucible of shared ambition and respect.

A Pledge to Unsurpassed Quality

We invite you to seize this rare opportunity to showcase your brand’s commitment to excellence, educate potential clients about your unparalleled offerings, and instill a lasting sense of gratitude by associating with the world’s foremost executive protection training event.


Join the conversation on the latest trends and news on the EP Industry


Choose the package that best suits your goals

TIER 1Entry Level Sponsor$1,000

  • Logo placement on all main web pages – prior, during, and after event
  • Logo in all email broadcasts to attendees (before & after event)
  • Brand & giveaway mentions each day of event
  • Logo & link placement on Website
  • Sponsorship call outs during event
Choose Tier 1

TITLE SPONSOREvent Co-Host$5,000

  • Everything on Tier 2 plus:
  • Optional 5 minutes on stage to talk about your brand
  • Featured interview in an episode of the Protector Nation Podcast
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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the best-rated security event of the year!